interview: sara jenkins from porcetta

jenkins porchetta

for winter fare, there’s not much more satisfying than one of those incredible pork sandwiches from porchetta, the great little single-minded sandwich shop in the east village.   the woman behind porchetta, and also behind one of my favorite new pizza places this year, veloce, is sara jenkins, and i’m pretty darn excited that she so graciously agreed to tell us where she likes to shop and cook.   i am a huge fan, because not only do i love her restaurants but i also am a huge fan of her olives and oranges cookbook.  as soon as there is the hint of spring, i start cooking the best ever ground lamb and pasta dish with yogurt and mint.  it is so easy and so good.   

as sara obviously has an incredible way with food,  i am particularly keen to try out all her food spots especially the ones in out of the way places (especially that thai restaurant in elmhurst) since i love little finds like that.   thanks so much sara for sharing your ideas!

art at mini jakes


go-to hostess gift?

i like to give porchetta salt, a tub of aromatic salt from my shop porchetta (and only $6 per tub).

for flowers?

the farmer’s market at union square.

kids’ gifts?

mini jake in williamsburg.

jenkins decoupage

for weddings?

john derian decoupage plates.

what is a treat for you?

korin japanese knife store…more expensive knives.

all-around favorite shop?

moss design in soho.

jenkins chickalicious


favorite date-night restaurant? 


best spot for drinks?

the international bar on first avenue.

best place for desserts?

chickalicious for the cupcakes.

for breakfast out?

shopsins in the essex market.

jenkins abraco espresso

favorite asian, latin american, middle eastern?

middle eastern would be tanoreen in bay ridge, latin american would be centrico in tribeca and asian would be kyo ya on 7th street.

favorite neighborhood spot?

agnanti in astoria.

best coffee and pastry?  for prepared foods?

abraço on east 7th street for coffee and pastry. city bakery for prepared foods.

top comfort food?

thai food at chao thai on whitney street in elmhurst.

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