saltie: treats top the list at this sandwich shop

saltie shnitzel

saltie, the new sandwich shop which popped in williamsburgh this fall, has been getting plenty of press these days, and i’m happy to report it seems well deserved.  we came into the super appealing, sunny, open with a really cute stool/counter set up in this “nautical” themed space last week en famille, and our exuberant (is that the word?) children were well tolerated, and everyone was super gracious considering the droppings that were left on the floor (so sorry about that, we did leave an extra tip!).   

we were all rather starving and definitely in an eggy mood since it was  “brunch time and all.”   to satisfy our cravings, i got the saltie pork schnitzel with pickled (or so it seemed) radishes and celery along with capers and anchovies topped with a fried egg.  the schnitzel was pretty good (though i think i like the one at schnitzel & things better), but i really liked the combination with the dark brown bread and when you got all the ingredients piled on right it tasted fantastic, salty but great.   j. got himself the delicious ship’s biscuit with soft scrambled eggs and ricotta, and those eggs were definitely not dry which made that combination perfect.  for fussy k. we eventually managed to get some cheese on their house-made focaccia (saltie’s is not so well set up for individual needs, and believe me if we didn’t have a needy child in this department i wouldn’t even try to do it) but they managed and the critters were happy too.   

salties ice cream swich

our favorite saltie item by far was the saltie caramel ice cream sandwich.  that ice cream was rich but not too creamy, and they have the salt teased in there just so so that  then when paired with these thin not sweet chocolate wafers it was perfection.  i also tried saltie’s lavender shortbread which was interesting but not a winner.  other baked goodies that we didn’t have room for included a buckwheat olive shortbread, ricotta pound cake, chocolate pistachio cookies, buckwheat apple scones, and a quince tart as well as a coffee coffee cake that looked perfect.   from my readings, it seems that saltie rotates the baked goods frequently so it would be worthwhile to check out the goodies often.

salties lavender

if saltie were anywhere near my normal daily rotation, i would be munching her goodies weekly.   i wanted to try nearly every other sandwich on the board like the scuttlebutt which is a combo of feta cheese, tomatoes, arugula and hardboiled egg or even the captain’s daughter, also made on foccacia with sardines, capers, pickled eggs and salsa verde.    and there are specials constantly too, as well as various sides and salads that come and go. if only there were a quick way to get to williamsburg from park slope!  saltie: 378 metropolitan avenue at havemeyer, brooklyn, new york, 718.387.4777.

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  1. Abbey says:

    hi! this looks delicious! totally digging your blog — xo, Abbey

  2. cherrypatter says:

    tx so much. i’m a big fan of yours too!

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