john derian dry goods: a picture perfect halloween

john derian common goods dragon costume

although in theory i would love to be one of those crafty people, i just don’t have it in me to create a costume from scratch — at least a cute one.   so unfortunately, the kids will have to make do with store bought or some pretty basic stuff that i have been able to round up.   now, if i had a bigger halloween budget, i would indulge in john derian’s most glorious costumes which range in price from $57 to $198.  the peter pan, pirate and zoro are all especially beautiful, but the dragon, d’artagnan  and the indian versions are pretty sweet too.   

derian dry goods pocahontas

as promised, i’m back with post number two on my all time favorite shop john derian, and this time it’s the dry goods shop located right next door to  the main shop.   in addition to the costumes, this space is full of bedding and linens including john robshaw textiles and pillows, towels by matteo and les indiennes pillows and covers.  there are also some great stuffed birds, giraffes, snakes and seals by i golfini della nonna for that excellent baby gift.

derian common goods birds

the john derian dry goods shop carries some clothing like blouses from layla, linen embroidered aprons with plenty of animal imagery (dogs, cats and mice), and some other goodies for the women in your life like  rodin body oil, leather pouches, scarves, virginia johnson bags and even some jewelry. 

derian dry goods vases

i’m not quite sure how they decide what goes into the main shop and into the dry goods shop as there are plenty of things that could fit in both stores like the victorian era glass dome with a model sail boat and drawings by hugo guinness.  whatever. it doesn’t really matter as long as it’s all nearby.   john derian dry goods, 10 east 2nd street between 2nd avenue and the bowery, manhattan, new york, 212.677.8408.

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