interview: beth salvini at greenwich letterpress

greenwich letterpress

greenwich letterpress is an amazing stationery shop.  it is great fun to check out what the two sisters behind this incredibly charming spot have on display and also to see what great new letterpress they have been producing.   i was thrilled when one of these creative sisters, beth salvini, agreed to share her favorite spots for shopping and food.   with a fine art background, beth helps to design the super cute cardline (with her sister) and also takes primary responsibility for the retail shop.

i love beth’s ideas below, and cannot wait to try some of them out especially joseph leonard which it seems everyone is loving as their favorite restaurant these days.  beth used to live in greenpoint and just moved to brooklyn heights so i’m hoping that eventually she’ll share with me where exactly one can eat and shop in that beautiful neighborhood that does seem to be so lacking in good food/things options.

built by wendy


top 3 places for clothes and shoes?

when it’s time to splurge, steven alan or built by wendy (pictured below, photo from their great fall collection). in reality, anthropologie.

go-to place for a house gift?

i think wine is always a nice gift. uva winesin williamsburg always has great bottles for very reasonable prices. they have a $10 bottle of prosecco that is killer.

favorite place for stationery?

ummmmmmmm….greenwich letterpress…ha ha ha

kids’ gifts?

kid o has the best!

favorite spot for girl gifts?

my mom and my sister like purl.

photo from the amazing store kiosk in soho

what about the males in your life?

my boyfriend introduced me to kiosk (pictured above), and it’s now one of my go to special shops too.

wedding presents?

sur la table and broadway panhandler have great kitchen gifts. i think it’s fun to put together a unique set of items. broadway panhandler has really cool cookie cutters. it would be fun to get someone a basket of “starter” baking goodies.

something fun for you?

the conran shop is a great place to self indulge. i bought a red filing cabinet there recently.

all-around favorite shop – ambiance, service, products?

even though it’s a chain, i have to say that anthropologie is always fun to look at, the people are very friendly and the buyer has good taste.

for the basics?

laina jane, which is near our shop, for bras and stockings. they remember what you buy, even months later.  c.o. bigelow pharmacy has “the” lip gloss and the pharmacy service is fast and helpful.

birdbath scones


favorite date-night restaurant?

joseph leonard

with friends?

it’s fun to get beer and cheese at spuyten duyvil during the week when it’s a bit quiet.

best spot for drinks?

kettle of fish for something casual and this past summer i had a drink at the bar at balthazar.  sometimes being a little touristy in your own city is fun.

most amazing dinner?

the pasta tasting at babbo is pretty special.


eleni’sin chelsea market. i could eat 1,000 of those sugar cookies. they have the ultimate recipe.

gl prune

breakfast and brunch?

egg has great roasted tomatoes that are really yummy and prune (pictured above) is a fun place for brunch, if you can stand the wait.

favorite asian restaurants?

miyako in williamsburg has my favorite korean dish. i just had indian in flushing, queens at the ganesh temple. one of the most “cultural” food eating experiences i have had in new york. for indian in manhattan, lassi is tops.

coffee?  pastry?  prepared foods?

ninth street espresso for coffee and for pastries birdbath. their scones are great. you can scoop pasta to go at murray’s cheese shop.  that helps if you only need past for one some nights.

comfort food?

friend of a farmer has chicken pot pie that makes me happy.

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