char no. 4: plenty of whiskey and fine meats


char no. 4 is one of those places that we cannot believe we waited this long to try it (it opened in the fall of last year) especially given how much positive press they have gotten.  the space has a great vibe, service is warm and friendly and the clientele is oozing brooklyness with so many of the guys there sprouting lots of facial hair (not sure what this means for the state of the nation but i definitely don’t want j getting any ideas on this front).


although they apparently have a great wine list, the focus of this joint is on whiskey, and char no. 4 offers more than 300 different kinds (most are bourbon).  given that  j and i are not exactly whiskey connoisseurs, we just stuck to the very tasty house cocktails including the nor’easter with ginger beer, lime, maple syrup and old crow whiskey and the kentucky royale with henry mckenna whiskey, sparkling wine cassis and orange.    in the food department, the starters were the highlight.    i will definitely keep coming back for the highly recommended and extremely delectable yet light house cured lamb pastrami served with coriander aioli and rye toast.   and as if we needed more protein and fat, we also devoured the delicious smoked pork nuggets and the house-cured bacon served with black-eyed peas (that was at least one vegetable).  to round out the meal, steak and a beef link.


desserts were not so thrilling (chocolate cheese cake and ice cream with bourbon sauce) and maybe we were feeling just a tad bit full, so we passed but this spot is definitely a keeper if you’re in the mood for some meaty comfort food.  char no. 4, 196 smith street near baltic, brooklyn, ny, 718.643.2106.

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